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When We Forget To Heal

A couple nights ago, I suffered an accident. It was bloody and painful. Oh, and very stupid. I was doing the dishes, like I do every night. (Who has an accident while doing the dishes?) The sink was full of hot soapy water and dirty cups, plates, pans, and silverware, like usual. I put my hand in to reach for the next item, and WOW! Somebody must have put a machete in the sink because next thing I knew, my finger had a huge jagged cut across it, and there was blood running down my hand.

There was a lot of squealing, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t cry. I thought I needed stitches (a comment my significant other is still laughing about!) Turns out it stopped bleeding after about five minutes, and I just needed a bandaid. But it was so deep! There was so much blood! It was so jagged! The throbbing! I was pretty convinced this cut was going to hurt for days. I went to bed that night, and guess what? The next morning I had forgotten about it. I took off the bandaid and put on a new one. It hurt a little, but by the day after that, I didn’t need a bandaid at all. By day three it didn’t even hurt anymore. How could that nasty, deep cut heal so quickly, into just a light thin line of loose skin?

This accident reminded me of a spiritual Truth: our physical bodies are divinely created to heal themselves. It’s built into our DNA by our loving Mother-Father-Creator God. Surely you’ve all been where I was. You get a nasty paper cut, or you cut yourself shaving, or you trip and scrape your knee. We bleed, it hurts, we clean it and cover it, and voila! The skin grows back together, and we heal. Sometimes we scar, but we always heal.

It’s not just our skin. If you ever broke a bone when you were a kid, I bet it’s not still broken. Bones heal. My youngest daughter fell off the monkey bars when she was six and broke the humerus bone in her arm. The orthopedic surgeon explained to me that it was one of the worst breaks he’d ever seen; the bone shattered like egg shells instead of a typical across-the-bone break. I was horrified, and assumed the surgery he had just performed would not help her heal.

He explained that she would be fine, that if a bone breaks, no matter how badly, the pieces seek each other out and automatically fuse back together. He told me a story about how in medical school he was shown pictures and films of children in undeveloped third world countries with broken arm and leg injuries that seemed horrific—yet sure enough, with no access to medical care, no surgery, no setting or casting of the wound, the bones would fuse together, heal, and the child would simply adapt to the new bone formation.

As you can see, her bone healed and all that remained was a scar from the surgery incision. Bones are designed to heal. Everything in our bodies is designed to heal because God meant for us to experience perfect health, wholeness, and balance in our physical manifestations (our bodies.) Our bones, our organs, our body systems, all the way down to the trillions of tiny cells in our bodies are each designed to function toward wellness, renewal, vitality, and perfect health.

A passage from Eric Butterworth’s book Discover the Power Within You explains this spiritual Truth, as he discusses Jesus’ formula for healing:

“If I cut my finger, the healing begins immediately. And what is this healing? It is the evolution of that which is involved. The finger can be healed because I am already whole. There is that of me that is changeless and perfect. It is the Christ of me, the divinity of me. This divinity of me includes a perfect finger, perfect even despite the cut on the finger. Now, in the three-dimensional human body, the cell renewal process begins, and the cut is healed in a matter of two or three days. But the cut is healed according to a nonmaterial force or pattern. How do the cells know that they should reproduce themselves in a way that will restore the finger as it was? They simply can’t help themselves. There is a directive force to life that builds ‘according to the pattern revealed on the mount.’ Whether the cut is healed in three days or instantly, the same forces are involved. And that healing force is God’s will—and it is always good, ceaselessly working to establish wholeness.”

In our humanness, we forget how intelligent our bodies really are and how powerful we are as spiritual beings. As scientist, teacher, and author Joe Dispenza says, “The power that made the body, heals the body.” I don’t necessarily have to understand it scientifically, but I can certainly believe it spiritually, with faith.

In the Bible, James 5:15 tells us, “The prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise them up.” Ernest Holmes describes the prayer of faith as a statement of belief in some power which is able, ready, and willing to do the healing. This statement of belief can translate into a belief in a myriad of things: belief in the human body, belief in a medical doctor, belief in an alternative health practitioner, belief in God’s healing power, belief in a prescription, and even belief in a placebo! Any of these beliefs or a combination of beliefs can positively influence the natural order of healing.

Our attitude of thought, our expectations, our consciousness, and most of all our acceptance of the spiritual Truth of healing plays a prominent role in how we experience health and healing. I pray that these ideas will lead all of us to a better understanding of the miracles available to us as children of God. May we replace all our fears with the confident, trusting faith in our perfect health and wholeness. May we remember our divine power, our unlimited potential, and our innate capacity to heal.


Rev Cynthia

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