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We, The Chosen

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Back when I was in college, (more years ago than I’d like to admit) I remember reading a poem about Noah’s Ark. I can’t recall the author or the title, or I’d gladly reference it. The meaning of it has stuck with me though, and it’s been rolling around in my mind these days. It suddenly feels relevant.

In the short poem, Noah’s wife has a conversation with their son’s wife about the severity of their situation. The world is being destroyed. The daughter-in-law was scared and sad, doubting her part in it all. Rightly so!

Noah’s wife was calm, firm in her purpose and faith, and spoke like a loving, comforting mother-in-law. I can’t remember her exact words, but I know she told her how important they were—the women. The final line is forever etched in my memory:

“We will be the reason for everything after the flood.”

Noah’s wife was referencing the fact that no matter how severe the destruction, they were being saved for a reason, and it would quite literally be their job, their duty, their great privilege to repopulate the Earth. It would only happen through them, the women.

But she was saying something more.

She was saying that they were important, that they were chosen for this mission that would take place after the destruction.

Friends, I know I don’t need to tell you that we are living in really destructive times. Those of you familiar with me at all know I’m the last person to EVER talk about doomsday, end times, evil, or devastation. I don’t believe in it. I believe God is good and only good, period. I believe there is no duality, no presence of evil (other than our unfortunate, misguided choice to believe in one.) I believe the goodness of God is ever present always—and we are not only ONE with this goodness, but expressions of it.

But, come on, we all see the destruction. We are scared and confused. We are starting to doubt our part in it all. Who is “we?” Those of us with even the slightest bit of spiritual awareness, from the ordained minister, to the seat-filler filled with doubt in the pew on Sunday morning, and maybe most especially, my friends who consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” The spectrum of awareness is wide, and wherever we fall on it—we are chosen.

Here are the burger biggies driving me crazy these days; perhaps they're weighing heavily on you, too:

The current political landscape in the United States is utterly destructive. The lies. The pain. The corruption. The mistrust. The foreign meddling. The anger. It seems endless. We don't know what to believe anymore. Breathe, stay calm, we are chosen.

The fires, rain, flooding, storms, and earthquakes--it’s as if the earth doesn’t want us here anymore. Our leaders and corporate CEO’s behave as if the Source of all Life is somehow pleased with the size of their personal bank accounts. Our children are outraged and terrified. Breathe, one with Nature, we are chosen.

It’s bigger still and continues to get scarier. A deadly virus outbreak, rampant fear, the locking down of cities and nations, the travel restrictions. Rest in what you know to be true. The Infinite Intelligence of the Universe operates within your physical body. We are chosen.

We can’t help feeling exhausted and a little weary. We look to our leaders, we look to our elders, and these days, we see only incompetence and fear. To whom can we turn? We know the answer. We turn to God, the One Spirit, the Universe, our one true Source. We turn to Love, because Love is what is real, and we express it as best we can. Love yesterday, love today, love again tomorrow. An endless loop. Wake, pray, love, repeat.

Dear ones, dear, dear conscious ones. We are the ones who understand the Unity of all Life. We are the ones who know and trust in the Divine, who know and trust in our own divinity, who see that divinity in others.

We mustn’t lose hope.

We are chosen to hold space for the devastated, to be the presence of love and light in the world, to teach forgiveness, and to hold fast to our spiritual truths. There can be no good vs. evil when we only believe in the Good. Goodness prevails, for there is no other way. We know this. There can be no other way. This devastation will end, and when it does, my friends, remember:

“We will be the reason for everything after the flood.”


Rev Cynthia

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