• Cynthia McCarthy

The Car Honk Prayer

My youngest child graduated from high school last month. Yes, pass the tissues, please. She’s the last kid at home for me. Her older siblings and other family members live across the country, so there wasn’t a lot of family here to celebrate this big milestone. Couple that with the tail end of the pandemic, more than a year of virtual online school, and hardly any social contact for her—I wanted to do something fun and special for her.

It started as a joke. You know how sometimes we parents like to embarrass our children in a celebratory “I love my kid!” kind of way? Well, I had a sign made for her that I put in the front yard.

Then I posted on our neighborhood FB page, asking for everyone’s participation. I told my daughter (who of course thought I was ridiculous) that every honk was a cheer or a prayer for her future.

What happened next surprised me. As expected, the honks started coming, and from the very first one, something shifted. Something was being awakened in me. I felt a connection with each driver going by, beeping their horn for my girl. I wondered what motivated them to hit that horn. Was it joy? Celebration? A prayer? A kind thought? Were they a parent, too? A grandparent? Did they know her? Were they thinking of their own kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews?

Every time someone driving by honked their horn, I would scream across the house to her, “Did you hear that?!? That’s for YOUUUU!!”

She would shake her head and roll her eyes, convinced I was crazy.

After a few days, something else started happening. She started looking forward to the honks, smiling and laughing when she’d hear one. As her classes dwindled down and she would sleep in, she’d stumble out of her room, yawn, and ask me, “Did I get any honks yet today?”

“Yes, you did!” I’d tell her, because she had.

But what I really wanted to say was, “Yes, baby girl, the world cheers for you when you sleep. When you aren’t even paying attention, strangers pray for your future. People who don’t even know you are rooting for your success. Their positive energy is drawing out your own highest good. The world is actually FULL of good people who support you and have good intentions for you. They’re there—even when you don’t hear their honks. Especially when you don’t hear the honks. Trust this.

“Trust that the goodness of God that is present within you, is present within EVERYONE you meet. It’s an energy you can feel—every time you choose to believe in it.

“You are SO LOVED, kiddo!”

Today, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to my daughter on her high school graduation, and to all the young adults of the world transitioning on to the next big thing. We are cheering for you!! God, Spirit, Universe, Source—whatever you want to call It—supports your every desire. It is my hope that you hear our prayers—hear our honks—and choose to believe in the unending goodness of Life!

Beep, beep!


Rev Cynthia

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