• Cynthia McCarthy

Thank You For Abundance

Let me begin by saying how tremendously grateful I am for all the blessings in my life! Ironically though, this is not a blog post about gratitude. If someone asked you the one thing Thanksgiving makes you think of, you might say gratitude (or turkey, or family, or football.) I think of all those things, too. But Thanksgiving always makes me think of abundance.

When I was little, I’d see pictures in magazines or on tv of a big cornucopia on the dining room table, overflowing with a delicious harvest of food. Our dining table never had a cornucopia, but there was always an abundance of family and food—especially on Thanksgiving day. Even as a kid, it made sense to me that celebrating all the things we were grateful for would naturally include abundance.  

If you think about it, abundance exists automatically in nature. Have you ever seen a giant tree that chooses not to fill itself with leaves on every branch? Of course not, it just grows abundantly without even trying! Would an animal living in the wild choose not to enjoy food and water it comes upon? Of course not, it would eat and drink happily, enjoying what nature so abundantly provides. We humans are part of nature, too. Abundance is our natural birthright. It is how God intends for us to live—abundantly! Remember the Good Shepherd illustration Jesus gave? “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Yes, abundance can mean plenty of money and financial resources, but it can also mean “many” of all sorts of good things, like harmonious relationships, business and career opportunities, healthy food to eat, water to drink, a comfortable home to live in, friends and family, unexpected blessings, expressions of kindness, and so on.

Because we’re human, sometimes we create conditions of lack, scarcity, and poverty for ourselves because of our thoughts and beliefs. Remember Jesus’ message: It is done unto us as we believe? When we believe our own limiting thoughts and beliefs, negative conditions and a lack of abundance can occur. We carry thoughts and beliefs from yesterday, last month, last year, and all the way back into our childhoods. Have you ever stopped to consider why you think and believe what you do about money, prosperity, or abundance in general?

Unfortunately many people mistakenly believe there is never enough for them, or worse, that there might be enough, but that they don’t deserve to live abundantly, for whatever reason. This is simply not true. These are false beliefs. Divine abundance is limitless and available to all. 

Spiritual teacher and New Thought leader Emmett Fox beautifully explained it this way: 

“When you go down to the seashore, you find what is practically an unlimited supply of sea water at your disposal. There are billions upon billions of gallons there, but the amount that you can carry away will depend on the vessel with which you have provided yourself. If you take a ten-gallon can, you can get ten gallons, but if you take only a pint pot, you can take away only a pint, and if you have nothing bigger than a thimble, you would not be able to take away more than a thimbleful. So it is with divine abundance. The only limit is the limit of our capacity to receive.” 

So during this time of year when you are naturally feeling grateful for your blessings and whatever amount of abundance you are experiencing, take the time to consider the size of your vessel. Divine abundance is your birthright. Claim it as so, by being open and receptive to all the good our God-Source wants to bestow on you.

Blessings on Thanksgiving & Always, 

Rev. Cynthia

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