• Cynthia McCarthy

Summer Peach of Prosperity

The other day I enjoyed something really delicious—the elusive, perfect summer peach. You know what I’m talking about. Not too hard, not too soft. Sweet and juicy. The kind of peach that when you get one, you immediately want to go back to the store and buy ten more because they’re THAT good.

Not only was this peach delicious, but it was such a perfect illustration of prosperity in action!

Wait, what?

Yes, a perfect summer peach reminds me of PROSPERITY!

I recently concluded a 12 week class about prosperity consciousness and deepening spiritual awareness. I made some new friends and learned a lot.

When you hear prosperity, do you immediately think: Money? Cash? Your bank account? Material possessions? Income? Greed? I used to think of those things. Now, I understand prosperity as a divine principle, spiritual law, and a naturally occurring process. Prosperity is a demonstration of Life (a.k.a. GOD in action!)

Come with me on a grateful journey of prosperity mindfulness.

After wiping the peach juice from my mouth and washing my hands, I can’t help but wonder…Where did this delicious peach come from? Why is it so delicious? How did I end up with it?

The answer I keep hearing is: It’s all God. And it’s all Prosperity.

If you’ll forgive my over simplification… Peaches grow on trees, right? Peach trees are planted from a seed. The peach I ate was born of a tree that was ultimately born from a single seed—(probably planted a long time ago.) The process goes something like this: Seed, ground, water, sunshine, seedling, growth, plant, tree, fruit, harvest. THAT is the prosperity, abundance, and wisdom of nature. It is God-in-action. It’s intelligent, and it is perfect.

But this miracle didn't happen without human help. After all, a farmer had to plant the seed. He or she is Life—God-in-action themselves. Farms have employees and workers—more Life. These humans tend to the plants, nurture the trees, and grow the fruits of their labor. It is Life. It is Prosperity. They are paid for their work, so some good old fashioned “money” prosperity is also involved…

Eventually, the peaches are picked by workers. They are collected and packaged and transported. Someone loads them into a flat, onto a pallet, and into a truck. They are transported to fruit stands, farmers markets, grocery stores, moved across state lines, put on airplanes, and maybe shipped to other countries.

The peaches are received at their destination. They are displayed and sold in stores, by more workers, also being paid for their work. More Life is involved. More participants in this divine practice of prosperity. Hours worked. Wages earned. Product produced. Produce sold. I’ve always loved the way language works…


It’s a noun: produce—as in, a peach is produce. Produce is a section of a grocery store. It’s also a verb: as in, if nature does its work; if humans work and tend to these plants and trees, they produce. Can it be any clearer?

It’s growth, expansion, and creation. Prosperity. It’s the way life works.

The peaches are ultimately purchased. I’m blessed to work at a cushy desk job in an air conditioned office, not on a farm, outdoors, with hot summer temperatures. I am blessed to earn money for my work. I am prosperous. I spend some of my money on delicious peaches. I receive money; I give money. I give. I receive.

More juice drips down my chin because of course I had to have another one. It is the joyful juice of a prosperous life. I am grateful, and life is good.

Blessings and prosperity to you.

Rev Cynthia

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