• Cynthia McCarthy

I Forgive You, America

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I’m sitting here, probably like you are, wading through all the anger, hatred, name calling, lying, misrepresentation, “fake news,” law breaking, and conspiring going on in the current political climate of this country. I’m sorry, I misspoke in that first sentence. I don’t think I’m wading through it. I think I’m full-on drowning in it. Maybe you’re like me—trying to come up for air from the deluge of discouraging information and negative energy overload.

Are you as tired as I am? I keep trying to look ahead, but I find myself wondering, “Where are we going to go from here, as a nation? When will we heal? HOW will we heal?” No matter what “side of the aisle” you’re on, have you thought about that? I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I have questions…

  • At what point do we reconnect in Reality—capital R?

  • What I mean is, when do we reconnect in the spiritual Truth of our Oneness and Unity?

  • At what point do we forgive each other?

  • At what point do we look at our fellow citizens who vote differently than we do, think differently than we do, and behave differently than we do, and say--even just silently to ourselves, “Hey, I forgive you. Yes, you personally.”

  • At what point do we look within and say things like, “I forgive myself for judging others.”

  • At what point do we get off Facebook, log out of Twitter, skip the campaign rally, and look our fellow Americans in the eye?

  • When do we get to hug it out as a country and move on with our lives?

I can sense some of you bristling. “But the other person is WRONG!”

What if it’s not about who is right and who is wrong? There is no “wrong” in the eyes of God. Right and wrong are human perceptions. Any wrong doing, any belief in good vs. evil is a perception. We have the choice to view a person’s behavior as “evil.” We also have the choice to believe in good, seek the good, and see goodness in all life. Sometimes the only way to get to the wholeness, the unity, and the healing, is through forgiveness—forgiveness of our perceived wrongs.

It’s not a little thing to gloss over. In fact, it’s big. Forgiveness is brave. Forgiveness is courageous. Forgiveness is a spiritual practice that is part of loving ourselves. We have to let go of these attachments that aren’t real, this anger, this “us vs. them” attitude for our own well being. We have to let go of these things for the country's well being.

America, an impeachment trial is coming. An election is coming. A new chapter for this nation is coming. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to “repent” and think differently? The greek translation of repent literally means “to change your mind; to turn in a new direction.” Let's prepare for it now--this changing of our minds, this new direction. Let’s begin now to let go, release, and forgive.

Let’s open ourselves up to the idea of a civil political process, a free and fair election, and a peaceful outcome for the good of all. Let’s envision this for ourselves. Let’s believe it is possible. We can create this for ourselves, for we know it is done unto us as we believe.

Are you ready and willing to have a change of consciousness about this?

I am. Join me.

I forgive you, America. Do you forgive me?


Rev Cynthia

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