• Cynthia McCarthy

How Does An Affirmation Relate To God?

WORDS are important. We think them, read them, write them, and believe them, whether we realize it or not. As someone who reads a lot, writes a lot, and sometimes even gets paid to speak words in public, I try to pay close attention to them. I read, write, and speak about pretty much only one topic: God. And I particularly like GOD WORDS.

What are God Words? I can show you with a quick activity. It works best with real paper (even a sticky note is fine) but you can also do it on your phone in the notes app. If you have a piece of paper, draw a line vertically down the middle so you have two columns.

On the top left column write the words “God Is.” Then, take a few minutes and describe God. Really think about how you would describe the qualities of God and list those words. Single words work best, nouns or adjectives—but there is no wrong answer here. Just list the qualities of God. If you’re like me, maybe you listed words like: (God is) Love, Peace, Joy, Power, Beauty, Everything, etc.

Now, on the top of the right column (or maybe down below your “God Is” list if you’re using your phone) write the words, “I Am.” I bet you think you’re about to make a list of words that describe yourself. Nope, not yet. First, consider what the biblical reference is to the “I AM…”

We know Moses is told that “I Am” is the name of God. Those words are powerful, both as the name of God, and in our daily usage of them. As Wayne Dyer explains, “The words I AM, which you consistently use to define who you are and what you are capable of, are holy expressions for the name of God—the highest aspect of yourself.”

We are made in the likeness and image of our creator. When we describe our creator, we are really describing ourselves. Go back to your paper and look closely at all the words you chose to describe God. Take the time to copy each word that you wrote describing God, and put it under “I Am.” Say them out loud if you can. Sometimes it’s too hard, or it feels weird or wrong. I get it. 

For instance, if you wrote, “God Is Beauty” maybe you feel super weird writing down or saying out loud, “I Am Beauty” (or even "I Am Beautiful.") The weirder the word feels, the more you should pay attention to it because it’s TRUE. If you wrote, “God is Patient,” you may think you are not patient at all. But the truth is, the potential of that God quality of patience certainly lies within in you. How can it not? You're a child of God. The potential is there! Perhaps you just need to align yourself with that quality and affirm it as true.

What you have here is a lovely list of affirmations for yourself. "God Words," if you will. You have these words to state as a fact, strongly, and publicly. It may take some time practicing these affirmations, looking at them, and thinking about them before you really believe them, and that’s okay. It’s called spiritual practice for a reason.


Rev. Cynthia

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