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Dorothy's Shoes

Confession time. When I was a kid, I hated the movie The Wizard of Oz. I mean, I HATED it. I was a highly sensitive empath long before I ever understood what that meant, and doggone it, that wicked witch and those alien flying monkeys were terrifying! The stuff of nightmares. I’ve since gotten past my childhood fears and now appreciate the movie and the story very much. As an adult, I’ve discovered some deep spiritual wisdom in the film.

I’m not the first person to notice this. There are a lot of articles and blogs about the various archetypes and spiritual symbolism represented in The Wizard of Oz. I invite you to google this—some of them are wise and insightful, and some are far fetched and kind of out there! For me though, it boils down to just one meaningful symbol in the film.

It’s about the SHOES.

Oh, those ruby red slippers. Fast forward to the end of the film—I’m sure you remember. Yes, Dorothy had the power all the time! It’s taken me years of metaphysical and spiritual training to begin to grasp this truth for my life. The shoes were always with her; she had them all along. The power of God, Spirit, Universe, Source is always within us!

Do you feel a “but…” coming? Yes, the power is always within us, but…we have to DO something with this power. Quite a few things, actually.

The first thing we have to do is recognize it. It took Dorothy the whole movie to realize she had the power within her to get what she wanted. That long, drawn out journey with such a wonderful cast of characters led her to understanding and recognizing her own power. It doesn’t matter that it’s Good ol’ Glinda who points it out to her at the end of the movie (“You’ve always had the power, my dear…”) Dorothy still had to recognize it for herself.

Have you recognized the power within you? This doesn’t have to be a profoundly religious thing. I personally like recognizing the power as simply the One Mind, One Energy, or One Life-Force back of all things. I call it God. Whatever you call it—the point is, this power just IS. Period. I try to recognize that in my life every day.

The next thing we have to do is really connect with this power—dare I say unify with it. We have to understand that the shoes are never coming off. We’re a part of them, and they’re a part of us. No wicked witch is coming to take them from us, and the flying monkeys sent to terrorize us aren’t real. (I personally think we send our own monkeys, but that’s probably a blog for another day.) There is truly nothing we can do to separate ourselves from the love and power of God. We cannot be separated from our Good unless we do it ourselves through false beliefs and fears.

The third thing we have to do is believe. We must have faith in this power and believe in it enough to spur us into action. If you truly believe that the power of God is fully supporting you in every way, what might you do differently in your life? If you really believe God is real, what risks might you take? This power present within us is both our constant companion and our natural ability to manifest our desires—all rolled into one. As I write in my journal over and over again: “I am never alone. I always have God, and God always has me, to express through and as.” I like to remind myself of that.

The last thing we’re meant to do with Dorothy’s shoes is click our little heels! Take the action your belief is spurring you to take. Clicking your heels is a choice. It’s always our choice to use the amazing, loving, unlimited power we’ve been given. Choice—that free will thing humans have. We can decide at any time that our journey no longer has to be challenging, difficult, and daunting. At any point, we can recognize our true power within, believe in ourselves, and manifest the heck out of our desires.

What if you already have everything you need within you?

What if struggle isn’t necessary, and it’s easier than you think?

What if all things really are possible?

Blessings along your yellow brick road, friends.

Rev Cynthia

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