• Cynthia McCarthy

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Take a few deep breaths and relax. Sit in a comfortable position in a chair or cross legged on the floor. Take a moment to become consciously aware of your posture and your spine. Roll your shoulders back and away from your ears. Sit tall and straighten yourself. Obviously if you’re reading this, you can’t close your eyes, but soften your gaze so your there is no tension around your eyes. Relax your arms at your side or in your lap. Notice your breath going in and out. See if you can slow the pace of your breathing down a bit.

Imagine that floating just above your head is a glowing white light. Take a deep breath in as you visualize this. On your exhale, allow this light to slowly move down the length of your spine. When it reaches the bottom of your spine, imagine that there is a strong, flexible cord extending out from it, past the chair or seat you’re sitting on, past the floor, into the ground, deep into the center of the earth—straight to the core. This cord represents how connected you are, how centered and solidly supported your are by Life.

Follow the white light up the cord, up the path of this imaginary part of your spine, back up from the earth, back up through the floor, to the seat you’re sitting on, and settle into the area where your Root Chakra is, at the base of your spine, right where your sit bones are. This chakra is associated with your sense of security, safety, and stability, where you know and trust that your basic physical needs are met. Imagine this white light changes to a floating ball of deep red energy. You are grounded and supported. Say to yourself, or say out loud if you are able: I am safe.

Let the light fade from red back to white again. Move your attention up your spine just a bit to a few inches below your belly button, where your Sacral Chakra is. This is where your sensuality is, where new ideas are birthed, and your creativity lies. It is associated with your emotions, your sexuality, and your passion. Let the white light change to a bright orange color in this area. Imagine it spiraling beautifully. Say out loud or silently to yourself: I am creative.

Allow the light to fade back to white, and move your attention up to your Solar Plexus Chakra, to the area just below your rib cage. This chakra is your source of power and confidence—your independence, self esteem, and purpose. It is where your sense of will power and motivation are. Imagine the white light beaming now as a bright ball of yellow energy, bright like the sun, radiating and spinning at just the right pace for you. Say to yourself or say out loud: I am powerful.

As the light fades back to white, allow it to move now to your Heart Chakra at the heart center of your body. It is of course associated with love and how open you are to love, but also with our unity, balance, and compassion. Let the white color change to a vibrant green, filling your chest and radiating outward. Let this green energy represent all the Love of the Universe, the Love from which you were created, the love you receive, and the love you give to others. Say out loud or to yourself: I am love! Take just a moment to truly accept this for yourself, letting the green color fade back to white.

And now, moving the white light up to your Throat Chakra focusing on the area of your throat, neck, mouth, and jaw. This chakra is associated with your communication, your ability to listen to others, your creative expression, your voice. Let the light become a beautiful, light blue—a bright sky, crystal clear blue, spinning and spiraling. Know that it is safe to express yourself openly and authentically. Say now: I speak my truth.

As the ball of energy fades back to white, move it with your attention up to your Third Eye Chakra - to the area in the center of your forehead, between and slightly above your eyes. Let the color change to a deep, dark indigo blue. This chakra is associated with your intuition, your imagination, your insight, and awareness—seeing beyond your material self to your highest self. Take a moment to embrace the clarity and wisdom found here. It is always available for you to access. Declare out loud or to yourself: I am intuitive.

Allow the light to fade to white as it moves now to your Crown Chakra at the top of your head. This chakra is associated with transcendence, meditation, ecstasy, and the recognition that you are limitless. Imagine the light is now a deep violet purple color. This is where you sense your connection to the universe, the cosmos, and universal knowledge. Say out loud or to yourself: I am divine.

Now, as the light fades back to white, imagine that cord, like you imagined before, continuing and extending farther up, beyond your crown chakra, where there is only pure consciousness. Imagine for just a moment you are completely untethered from this body. See if you can sense just a glimpse of how mystical you are, existing only as Source energy. This is your true self. Breathe this in! Let this fill you, empower you, inspire you.

And as you exhale, release the white light completely, coming back down to your body. Open your eyes, feeling completely balanced and aligned.

Namaste and blessings,

Rev Cynthia

Want to close your eyes, sit back, and experience this as a guided audio meditation?

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