• Cynthia McCarthy

Better Days

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

In the midst of an aggressive mutating virus, God is here. In the midst of medical misinformation, God must be here. In the midst of misguided mask fights, I know I am here. Alarmed, angry, disappointed, scared. There is no place God cannot be.

If I am here, then God is still here. Even in the midst of my fear. God is in the midst of our mistaken belief in freedom—as if that comes from anything other than our own innate sense of being, from the God within each one of us. I am free to believe that I am free.

God is beating the heart of the nurse who tends the machine that breathes life into the dying, vaccinated or not. God is the machine. The Power, the Energy, the Life. There is no spot where God is not. Maybe God is the machine for all of us right now. Keep breathing. Keep relying on the One.

God is in a country called Afghanistan, in the women who hide their faces. God is hidden somewhere in those big powerful guns the Taliban wield. The spiritual substance must be there because: ”There is no spot where God is not.” I say it again and again. “If you say it enough times, people will eventually come to believe it.” Am I any different than the liars and propagandists? I believe I am.

God is in a place called Haiti, in the devastated people and the power that shook the earth in the first place. Was that powerful shake another desperate attempt to get our attention? God is present in it all, you know, in the fires, the floods, the storms.

The energy of life is seeking our awareness. It is seeking our collaboration, our compassion, our unity. We say: “This too shall pass,” and “Better days are coming.” When? When will this all pass? When will our days be better?

When health is restored? When the truth is revealed? When order returns? When love abounds? When the harmony feels real?

All these things are here now. Look deeply.

They are present in me, in you, in the world, in all our experience, in the seen and unseen. Health, Truth, Order, Love, Harmony. I am these things. I show up as these things. God is these things. God is here because I am here. Better days are here.


Rev Cynthia

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