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5 Books for a Bigger God

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Did you know your perception of God can always be expanded? Think about it like this: whatever you learn about God from your church, temple, mosque, or sitting in your living room—God is bigger than that, right? What do we do when we want to open our minds, think outside the box, and see a whole forest for the trees—not to pull us away from our faith, but to broaden, add to, and supplement it? Where can we turn if we want to dip our toe into widening our concept of God, deepening our personal faith, and broadening our perception of divinity?

I compiled five of my favorite well-worn books that have truly sparked and complemented my spiritual journey. They aren’t wisdom texts or ancient scripture, nor are they necessarily affiliated with a particular religion or faith tradition, but they’ve helped me draw my circle of God a little wider. They have shown me new perspectives, given me more spiritual practices to try, and ultimately deepened my faith. If you’re looking to do the same, check them out!

1. You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay

Full of personal spiritual insight, You Can Heal Your Life never pushes a particular religious agenda. It’s about trusting Life—capital L, which is another word for God. The book is filled with powerful exercises on healing, recovery, and forgiveness, using spiritual practices like mirror work, affirmations, and positive self-talk. The exercises are life changing—if you’re willing to put in the effort. That’s the proverbial kicker—we do like to stay in our comfort zones and believe all the lies we tell ourselves! You Can Heal Your Life is an easy read that helps us learn that our thoughts and beliefs can positively influence our lives. The section about how our physical health conditions are influenced by our thoughts is fascinating in and of itself. Hay’s backstory is both heart breaking and relevant, and I like that she successfully built a publishing empire based on her New Thought spiritual ideas. The companion workbook, thought cards, and movie that complement this book are also all outstanding.

2. Many Lives, Many Masters Dr. Brian Weiss

You might not think hypnosis, past lives, and soul-based connections have anything to do with your spiritual life, but think again. In Many Lives, Many Masters, a skeptical psychiatrist uses hypnosis on a patient and discovers messages from not only the patient’s past lives, but from the “space between lives.” A gripping and controversial story, Dr. Weiss is never out to convince the reader of anything, he just beautifully demonstrates his personal experience learning about the oneness and unity of our soul progression. Whether you’re skeptical of reincarnation and past lives or already a believer, the spiritual message of love, oneness, and harmony will add to your understanding of the Divine.

3. Dying to Be Me Anita Moorjani

Why would a near death experience memoir make a list of books to inspire your spiritual journey? Because Anita Moorjani’s memoir is a such a spiritual story, from her growing up Hindu to attending Catholic school, with Indian festivals sprinkled in between. She addresses the potential down side to organized religion, things like guilt, karma, and fear. Moorjani’s details how her negative thoughts and fears manifested for her into a terminal illness. Besides being an absolute page turner, this inspirational book teaches us the invaluable lesson that in order to truly align ourselves with Spirit, we must become our authentic selves. Dying to Be Me depicts God as Universal Energy, unconditional love, and acceptance, and the reader is left with a profound sense of unity that God wishes us to live from and fully understand.

4. The Magic Rhonda Byrne

This jam-packed book about gratitude from the author of The Secret is designed to be read one chapter (or practice) a day—because you’re not supposed to just read it. You’re supposed to actively participate and do the gratitude exercises, one by one, in an effort to positively influence and change your life. We know gratitude is an important spiritual practice, but we often lack the discipline to make it part of our daily lives. This book seriously helps. There are so many suggestions, practices, and exercises, from the goofy (putting a magic rock on your nightstand to remind you to be thankful) to the meaningful (stopping to thank the trillions of cells currently working for your good health!) This book helped our family learn to respond to complaints (or typical teenage whining) with things like: “What is going right for you today? What feels good and is working well in your body?” Trust me when I say Byrne will show you things to be grateful for that you’ve never even considered. The Magic is a book about small shifts in our perception—all relating to gratitude—which make a big impact on our spiritual journey.

5. Return to Love Marianne Williamson

Yes, she’s considered the “woo-woo spiritual” candidate running for president right now, but setting all that aside, Return to Love is still one of my go-to recommended spiritual books. Based on A Course In Miracles, (which I’ve tried and failed to get through several times in my life) Williamson breaks down the main principles of the text in an easy to understand, powerful way. These are big principles she’s discussing: our unity, oneness, and shared identity, and she doesn’t shy away from the big spiritual practices either, like forgiveness, compassion, and non-judgment. This book helps us drop our illusions, shake off our unworthiness, and truly begin to love ourselves. In doing so, it becomes easier for us to love others. Chock full of examples from her own life, Williamson knows her stuff and is gentle about reminding us that there is light beyond the darkness, and we can choose to live in it. She never claims that it’s easy—on the contrary, it’s about our daily effort of returning again and again to the concept of love, to our spiritual journey, and ultimately, to God.

Happy reading!

Rev Cynthia

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