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Interfaith Minister, 

Rev Cynthia McCarthy

Based in Rome, GA, Cynthia is an experienced guest speaker and lecturer. Her current schedule has her speaking on third Sundays at Center for Spiritual Living, Midtown Atlanta. Her sermons and workshops inspire spiritual growth and personal transformation. Drawing from the wisdom of various faith traditions, she particularly enjoys learning and teaching from The Science of Mind®, and many Unity® authors. She continues to study metaphysics, affirmative prayer, meditation, progressive Christianity, and spiritual healing.

More about Rev. Cynthia: 

  • Ordained in 2015 by the American Interfaith Holistic Temple

  • Masters of Holistic Theology

  • Current Licensed Spiritual Practitioner Student with Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Current Member of Board of Trustees at Center for Spiritual Living, Midtown 

  • Served as Director of Social Media & Communications for WORLD AWAKE, an interfaith, interconnected community linking Spirit and Service (Rev. Cynthia's Profile

  • Served as the Director of Christian Education - First Congregational Church Reno, NV 

  • Served as an Interim Interfaith Minister - First Christian Church Rome, GA 


If you would like Cynthia to speak at your church, temple, synagogue, or spiritual center, or if you would like an audio or video sample of her talks, please contact her by phone: 775-376-0678 or email: spiritonthespot@gmail.com or use the contact me fields on this site. 


It is Cynthia's great pleasure to commemorate your life events from a Universal perspective. God, Spirit, Universe, Source can mean many different things to many people. Cynthia is ready and willing to make your ceremony uniquely yours. Consider her for your wedding, baby blessing or baby naming ceremony. 


"Cynthia's teaching has an honesty and emotion that draws the listener in and challenges him or her to consider God and God's presence in new ways. This can be both exhilarating and disconcerting! Cynthia dares you to EXPERIENCE God.

Take the dare!"--Keith R. Rome, GA

"Cynthia is gifted with a unique perspective in her preaching. Her sermons incorporate humor and humanity, spirituality and humility in addressing all the

issues confronting us in the world today. The workshop she led for our

UCC Regional Conference Meeting was interactive and dynamic!"

--Lynn A. Reno, NV 

"It's been a delight to listen to Cynthia McCarthy preach. She is able to interweave

a number of faith traditions into her sermons, always coming back to the Love of God." --Jane S. Rome, GA

Rev Cynthia was interviewed by Maryann Locaparra, for her show called "I Knew It! Intuition Never Lies." The two discuss the topic of intuition and the role it plays in their lives, including in the creation of Spirit on the Spot. Watch the interview via Maryann's YouTube channel here:  

Rev. Cynthia created Spirit on the Spot, LLC in 2018 in order to bring progressive New Thought principles into the home, with inspirational messages of God's unconditional love and acceptance. She makes laser engraved hand-crafted magnets that inspire, uplift, and unite. Visit www.spiritonthespot.com and affirm good things!


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